Sequence Alignment to Predict Across Species Susceptibility (SeqAPASS)


The SeqAPASS Tool was developed by Dr. Carlie LaLone and the Environmental Modeling and Visualization Laboratory for:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
Center for Computational Toxicology and Exposure
Great Lakes Toxicology and Ecology Division,
Duluth, MN


Software Information
Java VersionPrimeFaces VersionTomcat VersionDatabase Version
Java 8 Enterprise Edition ( PrimeFaces 7.0 ( Tomcat 9.0 ( 10.3.34

NCBI Information (See References)
Data VersionInstallation DateSeqAPASS VersionBLAST+ VersionProtein and Taxonomy DatabaseCDD DatabaseCobalt DatabaseCobalt Version
706/07/2022 01:00 PM6.12.13.004/25/202202/23/202107/09/20100.75
609/14/2021 01:00 PM6.02.11.004/28/202102/23/202107/09/20100.75
607/15/2021 04:00 PM5.12.11.004/28/202102/23/202107/09/20100.75
512/01/2020 04:30 PM5.02.10.006/08/202004/30/202007/09/20100.75
508/25/2020 12:00 PM4.12.10.006/08/202004/30/202007/09/20100.75
410/24/2019 10:30 AM4.02.8.102/28/201912/08/201607/09/20100.75
405/15/2019 10:45 AM3.22.8.102/28/201912/08/201607/09/20100.75
303/04/2019 05:54 PM3.12.6.010/25/201712/08/201607/09/20100.75
303/10/2018 02:12 AM3.02.6.010/25/201712/08/201607/09/20100.75
205/24/2017 06:59 PM2.02.5.001/04/201702/05/201607/09/20100.75
101/27/2016 08:00 PM1.02.3.011/09/201604/25/201507/09/20100.75

Threatened/Endangered Species Data obtained from EPA ECOTOX on Feb. 2, 2022

SeqAPASS Method
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NCBI Protein Database
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